HBX Control Systems

HBX Control Systems Inc.

HBX Controls is a wholly owned Canadian company that developed a single control unit for a multitude of commercial, industrial and residential heating and cooling management applications. Technical know-how in conjunction with real-world experience have been applied to the control, making the device effective for both simple                                  and complex multi-use environments.

Boiler System Controls
  • CPU-1000 - A fully integrated control unit based on Indoor/Outdoor Reset Control Technology. Features of the CPU-1000 include:
    • Supports 14 boiler stages or 5 modulating boilers with the addition of Expansion Modules
    • Built in Pump Sequencer
    • Warm weather shutdown
    • Onboard setpoints
    • Built in DHW capabilities
    • Flow proofing and boiler post-purge​

  • CPU-0550 - A stand alone outdoor reset control in a condensed package with extensive flexibility. Features of the CPU-0550 include: 
    • ​Boiler run time rotation
    • Multiple applications
    • Controls up to 3 On/Off boilers or a single modulating boiler
    • Multiple pump selections: DHW, Boiler Pump, and System Pump
    • ​Full graphic multi-color display

Geothermal Systems Controls
  • ECO-1000 - Dual mode control with separate programming and control parameters for geothermal and solar thermal applications. The ECO-1000 features include:
    • Stages and rotates up to 14 single stage heat pumps
    • Single or dual tank applications
    • Operates reversing and/or 3-way diverting valves
    • Warm/Cold weather shutdown feature
    • Outdoor reset technology
    • Internet connectivity
  • ECO-0550 - A stand alone outdoor reset control that can accommodate heat pumps and backup boilers, allowing for complete system coverage and extensive flexibility. Features of the ECO-0550 include:
    • Up to 3 stages - including back up
    • Outdoor reset on hot and cold tanks
    • Single or dual tank modes
    • Runs reversing valve and/or 3 way valves
    • Rotates heat pumps on time or cycles.​
Snow Melt System Controls
  • SNO-1000 - Full feature snow melt control. The SNO-1000 features include: 
    • Snowfall intensity settings: max snow level and continuous snowfall setting
    • Viscosity compensation
    • 2 zone operation: snow melt sensor zone and slab sensor only zone
    • Adjustable Delta Ts
    • Expandable to 10 on/off boilers or 5 modulating boilers
    • Integrated slab sensor
    • Multiple injection and mixing valve control
    • Modulating mixing
  • SNO-0100 - Module used to tie SNO-0110 sensor in with SNO-1000 control.
  • SNO-0500 - Standalone compact snow melt control. The SNO-0500 features include:
    • Snowfall intensity settings: Max snow level and continuous snowfall setting
    • Utilizes optical snowfall sensing technology
    • Integrated slab sensor
    • Injection and mixing valve control
    • Controls injection and system pump
    • Warm and cold weather shutdown
  • SNO-0110 Optical snowmelt sensor & SNO-0111 Sensor Socket
    • Sensor uses optics rather than the typical metal on/off components to sense the presence of snow/ice
    • Can be remotely mounted
    • Provides control with information on snowfall intensity
    • Sensor socket has leveling locations

  • MOD-0100 - Modulation expansion module. Adds 2 independent modulating output channels to the CPU-1000 or SNO-1000. DIP switch selectable 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA output.
  • EXP-0100 - Expansion module. Adds 2 independent 10A dry contact relays (for staging) to the CPU-1000, ECO-1000 or SNO-1000. 1 thermistor input for extra setpoints.
  • EXP-0300 - Pump expansion module. Adds 2 independent 120V (10A) powered contacts (for pumps, fans, etc) to the CPU-1000, ECO-1000, or SNO-1000. 1 thermistor input for extra setpoints.
  • ZON-0500 - Zone Control. Can be used as a stand alone control or can be integrated with a CPU-1000 or ECO-1000. Unit incorporates 2 dry contact demands (1 TT/Cooling demand & 1 DHW/Heat demand), a system pump output, and 4 zones per controller, multiple priority selections, high/low temperature selections, and 24VAC or dry contact thermostat inputs.
  • ORC-0100 - Outdoor Reset Control. Control regulates the temperature of the boiler based on the outdoor temperature. This reduces fuel usage, provides stable indoor temperatures, reduces thermal shock, and provides constant water circulation. The features of this control include user friendly programming features, WWSD feature, backlit visual graphic display, and DHW priority.
  • THM-0100 - Non-Programmable single stage heating/cooling thermostat. 
  • THM-0200 - Programmable thermostat. This unit includes fully programmable setback options, 2 external sensor inputs, multiple heating and cooling modes.