Bell & Gossett is proud to announce the only 3 phase smart ECM wet rotor circulator on the market

Mulcahy Company is proud have been named a 2018 "Top 150 Workplaces" in Minnesota by the Star Tribune.

Highly efficient and smart, the new ecocirc XL features an ECM motor with heads up to 65 feet and flows over 190 GPM. Click on the picture to learn more.

Mulcahy represents a wide range of products including pumps, boilers, cooling towers, VFDs and PP-R piping

Our Aquatherm polypropylene (PP-R) pipe is used in various pressurized plumbing and mechanical applications, including field warming at TCF Bank Stadium

Mulcahy represents a wide range of products including pumps, boilers, cooling towers, VFDs, vibration isolation equipment and PP-R piping

Baltimore Aircoil Company new FXV Cooling Tower offers more flexiblity than ever before, providing optimized selections based on footprint, horsepower, pressure drop and price.

Mulcahy provides customized packages to help with the design and installation of many HVAC systems.

Bell & Gossett has announced their 4th quarter Little Red Schoolhouse Class Schedule. Click the image to the left to view available classes.

Baltimore Aircoil Company is dedicated to the development of innovative, cost effective heat transfer solutions. Establishing BAC as the global leader of factory assembled evaporative heat rejection equipment.

Viessmann CM2 Boiler retrofit installation with Cascade Control offers a true system turn down of 15:1. True turn down provides proper gas/air mixture leading to a more complete and efficient combustion.

Mulcahy Company, Inc. is a manufacturer representative principally serving the heating, cooling, and plumbing industries.

The companies Mulcahy represents manufacture a variety of products required by these industries, such as centrifugal pumps, boilers, cooling towers, filtration systems, heat exchangers, tanks, piping systems, valves, instruments, motor control devices, solar energy products, variable speed drives, and numerous accessory items.

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